bicycle deliberation (fietsberaad)

“Fietsberaad” is a Dutch initiative. It is a magazine made by and meant for all people who are professional involved with planning and realizing infrastructure for bicycles, but also for everyone who wants to stay up to date with the newest ideas and opinions. Unfortunate it is only in written in the Dutch language, but photos andContinue reading “bicycle deliberation (fietsberaad)”

The first espresso after the monthly cleaning.

This machine has been serving us for about 5 years now. Due to lack of cleaning she held up working once, so we had to drink “normal” coffee for a few days. Since that unfortunate week of dishwater-coffee, I am cleaning her every month and it seems to be OK.  This morning I read an article in our newspaper and foundContinue reading “The first espresso after the monthly cleaning.”

new sleeves needed

The rear brakes didn’t work as it is supposed to work anymore. So the cylinders and sleeves were replaced by new ones. They’re OK now, so we can use our old camper again for a nice vacation ! new sleeves needed, originally uploaded by wim harwig.

Famous Dutch Rapper

This man has become a famous Dutch rapper, just because his improvised song is shown on YouTube ! His name is Willem and in his song he speaks highly of his beer. He is mixing the techniques of RAP and a human beat-box. In the short video you can see his first hit.