RIP Buddy Miles

Buddy Miles jamming in an old video back in the eighties ………. I think he is jamming the same way in rock-heaven now……… together with Jimmy ………

made in Normandie

I like this video ! I hope to see more like these on the internet soon ……….. And  Normandie is a  real  beautiful  country for cycling !

68 years ago

History doesn’t exist ; it is reinvented every time someone  wants to tell or write about it. I found two videos where one historical fact is shown in a totally different way. the German story ; the Dutch story ;

tyre trouble

I have “Vredestijn HPV“- tyres on my Velomobile. They are comfortable, but pick up lots of small sharp stones. I don’t blame the tyres for it, but I do think that the professionals who decide to “protect” the cycle path with these stoney needles needs to be discharged ! Nice … Continue Reading tyre trouble

cloudy Vlissingen

This is a link to a Power Point Presentation that my neighbour Kosbie send me by email. I think it is too nice not to show it to you all…….. ( 4 Mb ) clouds over Vlissingen