Eastermeeting 2008

During Easter I went to the “Harskamperdennen”, a camping at the Veluwe where a lot of other recumbent cyclists were together for three nights. This year it was freezing cold and the weatherforecast said there would be snow-showers…….. We were lucky, because at the times we planned a visit to … Continue Reading Eastermeeting 2008

do the test

Please do the test here and find out if your able to take part in the daily traffic jam, without hitting any bicyclists. Yesterday I was (again) in a situation I felt like “a moonwalking bear” ; the car driver looked me straight into my eyes but totally denied my … Continue Reading do the test

mighty Monsanto

This documentary takes about 27 minutes. It is Dutch spoken and explains the powers of the American company Monsanto within the genetic engineering. 

never surrender

While I am staying sick at home with some fever (because a touch of the flu), I saw this documentary. It takes about 50 minutes to see what has been going on in Afganistan. I’m sure the Taliban will never surrender…… Imagine all the people…………..