Cycle Vision 2008

I made a short video of Cycle Vision which was being held last weekend. The results are shown here. I will dump the rest of all the material as a sort of camcorder-dump at google in parts, because it allows maximum only 10 minutes per video. But this dump will … Continue Reading Cycle Vision 2008

modern world

I think this video from reuters shows perfectly the newest ideas about the coming “modern world” and how to be prepared for it. Have a look :

Cycle Vision 2008

I will be present at Cycle Vision in Sloten, the Netherlands. It will be held  during 21 and 22 June ( next weekend). I am planning to take some video and photos. To give you an idea of what it’s like; see the video I made last year ……….

Cycle Vision 2008

21 and 22 June I will visit Cycle Vision in Sloten (near Amsterdam,the Netherlands). I was there last year and made a video impression on this blog. I am planning to document some of the happening this year once again. If you’re able to be there ; be there ! … Continue Reading Cycle Vision 2008

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley died monday 2 June in his own house in Florida due to a heartfailure. Years and years ago I first heard of Bo by listening to an Animals song called “the story of Bo Diddley”. That was the reason that I bought my first Bo Diddley LP (sort … Continue Reading Bo Diddley

new record bike ?

Barbara Buatois is trying a new bike, the l’Altair, which she will be using for a new speed record on 12 Juli. Francesco Russo tried the same in his machine last summer on the same track, the CERAM speedway about 40 kilometers near Paris in France.