The four horsemen

I spent two hours watching these videos. And it took me a few days to let things settle down in my brains 😉  Thanks to the site of Richard Dawkins, I was able to see this discussion; the sort you don’t see on public television anymore ………… The text accompanying … Continue Reading The four horsemen

Monty Python

Monty Python started their own YouTube video-channel. They found out that showing their “products” for free on the Internet, helped selling their DVDs enormous! I like all the money scenes; it shows that their humor was almost predicting our current financial crisis.

Vlissingen beach

Just a short impression of the beach in Vlissingen for my two daughters, who are in New Zealand right now. So they can feel happy to be in a warm and friendly country ………………..

wood burning stove

While I was doing some paintwork in our bathroom, Marjan decided to practice some cooking on our wood-burning stove. It may become handy when the financial crises throws us back to the nineteenth century 😉