I own a car as well as a velomobile and the effect of a “wheeler” is happening in both……. I can understand why “Mister Walkers” don’t like “Mister Wheelers”, because I’m a “Mister Walker” too. I experience this “schizophrenic” alteration every day when I use my velomobile. Maybe the difference … Continue Reading Goofy

Reader’s coach

It’s amazing how difficult it is for intellectuals to write “Zutphen”. Instead they prefer to make an accidental mistake and write “Utrecht”.    😉 It’s Wim de Bie, explaining in Dutch why and how we decide to buy which book. Met de leescoach in Utrecht

Long ago

vroeger op de boerderij. Long ago on the farm. My uncle Wim, who owned a farm in the “Wildenborch”, was one of the farmers who used horses up till the sixties. As a little kid I often saw him working on his land. This video reminded me of those long … Continue Reading Long ago

happy melody

I went into the towncenter yesterday. Some of the shops were open on Sunday. It was freezing cold, so the musicians did the same as I had in mind …… get into a shop to warm our fingers ! Watch out, because the melody is infectious ….. it took me … Continue Reading happy melody