The Japan Alps, The Place To Keep Cool!

Because I’m staying inside our warm house for a few days resting with a trifling fever, I’m surfing and stumbling on the internet. By doing so, I get to see all kinds of unimportant but nice blogs with unimportant but nice stories. In the days b.i. (before internet) these kind of stories were in “ReadersContinue reading “The Japan Alps, The Place To Keep Cool!”

No “oliebollentocht” for me

I planned to join the “oliebollentocht” this year. Had to work a few night-shifts till 27 december and thought that I would be able to make the trip to Tilburg, visit family in Eindhoven after the tour and return home the next day. But it turned out  that my body had other plans.  After theContinue reading “No “oliebollentocht” for me”

Merry Christmas

I’m planning to join the oliebollentocht on 28 December, so I hope all the snow will be gone within ten days …………. But for now it seems that we will have a white Christmas.  The cold and snow doesn’t stop Marjan using her bicycle for her daily commute. Although it takes a while to getContinue reading “Merry Christmas”