ODO = 33920 kilometer. So the average is 10.000 km per year with my velomobile since October 2007. According to Fietsen Scoort I did 8750 kilometers in 2010. That means that I do most kilometers during my commute and just minor recreational distances. For my shopping-rides I’m using the Bullitt … Continue Reading 33920

It’s a pity

It’s a pity I could’t join the gang. The video that Theo Mol took during the tour shows how an “oliebollentocht” is supposed to be ….. Lots of snow, cold wind, frozen rivers and velomobiles all around (and a lot of digital cameras) ! In the velomobile-scene it’s quite normal … Continue Reading It’s a pity

busy times

The local newspaper made an impression of all the busy people who were shopping at the local supermarket. We were one of their victims …… In the afternoon I made an impression of the road conditions during my commute ….. Road conditions in Zeeland are okay, but there has been … Continue Reading busy times

My first Sony ……….

I thought it was about time to digitalize the old tapes. Some tapes were used to record the voices of my daughters.  20 years ago ! But the inevitable happened     …………….. !


Every year I think of the way he died. Free minds are outlawed in the United States of America, even with their “First Amendment“. Many years ago it was shown in the last scene of “Easy Rider”. In fact; when I’m on the road in my velomobile, I experience similar … Continue Reading John


These are the 5 stadium they are going to build in Qatar, just for the FIFA ……