The Japan Alps, The Place To Keep Cool!

Because I’m staying inside our warm house for a few days resting with a trifling fever, I’m surfing and stumbling on the internet. By doing so, I get to see all kinds of unimportant but nice blogs with unimportant but nice stories. In the days b.i. (before internet) these kind of stories were in “Readers Digest” or “Panorama” or “Times Magazine”, etc, etc.

I thought we had plenty of snow in Europe …………

These mountains are a popular tourist destination in Japan. Check out the picture below taken from the west coast city of Toyama:

The small lines above each peak are showing elevation. The highest point is 3,015 meters (9,892 ft.) Notice the jet in the left side of the picture.

There is a main road through the mountains that is literally buried in snow during the winter. It is closed during winter, but re opened during the spring after a snow plow digs through an average of 17 meters (56 ft.) of snow to uncover it.

That’s quite a sight for the tourists in the bus!

The same road in summer:

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It’s a pity

It’s a pity I could’t join the gang. The video that Theo Mol took during the tour shows how an “oliebollentocht” is supposed to be ….. Lots of snow, cold wind, frozen rivers and velomobiles all around (and a lot of digital cameras) !

In the velomobile-scene it’s quite normal that photos and videos are online the same day as the event itself.

Thanks Theo, for uploading this video.