Cap for my Quest.

I decided to order a cap for my velomobile at a webshop ; velomobielonderdelen (“velomobile-parts” in English). The famous Wim Schermer is starting the production of these caps soon. He thinks the production will be about three per week. It’s not cheap, but I’m not able to make them better and cheaper myself. Wim (andContinue reading “Cap for my Quest.”

Video Camera Cyclists (via The Views of a Cyclist from Croydon)

In the Netherlands we (cyclists) should register more and more situations on our daily commute. Not only to use as evidence in court, but mainly to show the rest of the world how infrastructure for cyclists is organised here ….. For examples of “how to” and “why” GAZ545 made a list of cyclist who areContinue reading “Video Camera Cyclists (via The Views of a Cyclist from Croydon)”