In my opinion we should know and understand the facts about our food. So if we eat meat, we should be aware that it is slaughtered animal. Sometimes friends ask me why I don’t like the “products” from those friendly islamic shopkeepers ….. These days, even well-educated people don’t realize … Continue Reading Halal

Even God loves America

Sometimes it’s nice to have a look in the 1960’s 1970’s, like in the first video .  Gives me a nostalgic feeling … What has become of the old musicians ? Well CS&N are still going strong !


I was listening to my MP3-player during my commute today and turned up the volume when I heard this old Stones-song. Fortuitous the first video I saw on my google-reader was the same old Stones-song, but in a very inspiring montage. I liked it a lot and immediately turned up … Continue Reading Stones