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Onze Collega Jan Wijnen is met met zijn gezin naar Roemenie verhuisd om daar namens Velomobiel.nl een werkplaats op te zetten voor de bouw van velomobielen. De fundamenten zijn gelegd en deze week arriveert de eerste vrachtwagen met bouwelementen uit Belgie. Our colleague Jan…

Levon Helm

“… trying to find a place where I could lay my head …”     He found it on April 19th in New York; he was 71.  Too old to die young …..


The lady of the house has been to Qatar to visit her friend. An impression in photos is here.

cyclist in Moscow

Tim wrote ; “This is why I hate driving in Moscow and love riding my bike”.    But this video made me realize that my idea of traffic in Russia needs an update…..   All the cars I see in this video, are modern-looking cars which could also be seen … Continue Reading cyclist in Moscow