new Shimano SH-SD 65

I had to buy a new pair, because the thread in the sole was too rusty to replace cleats in a proper way. I was happy that after using the sandals for 48.000 kilometers in my velomobile, I found out that Shimano didn’t change the model (yet). Never change a winning model !

SH-SD 65 rocks !

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One thought on “new Shimano SH-SD 65

  1. I’ve lots of nice memories about this sandals. Wear them also about 50000 km. Only the last 5000 km they wrack my knies. The cleat holder was come lose and I did’t notice it in time.
    Now I’ve chosen for Rose sandals. They have a extra flip with velcro on the heal. It’s easier to adjust the place of the cleats. Not!
    I just slide my whole foot op or down on the sole and fix the position on one place with the straps on the heal. Easy


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