even dogs can have cancer

Thanks to some painkillers prescribed by the vet, he is able to go for a short walk. Dogs are men’s best friend and I don’t like to see my best friend die a slow and painful death……

upgrading cars …..

…. by making bicycles of them !  I think it’s the best way to practice Cradle-to-Cradle on a scrapyard.      Bicycledbikes.com is trying to set up a project and  do it ! When reading te comments beneath the YouTube-video, it is clear that people need a lot more information … Continue Reading upgrading cars …..

VeloX 3 !

a nice presentation of the third generation of this record-machine. I can’t see how the drive-train is designed, but the fairing is beautiful  ….

job interview ….

I think Heineken made a good point in this video.   Unfortunately Human-resource managers are still working the old-fashioned way ….