Is it autumn?

Because we live on the coast, we don’t see autumn in nature as clearly as in woodlands.  [satire mode on] That’s why we went to the Ardennes to see firsthand how naturally fall looks for forest dwellers. Nowadays, with climate change, you do not know how things stand with the seasons. Science is only a belief, theyContinue reading “Is it autumn?”

be prepared …

… for the coming winter.  In winter I leave many photo opportunities pass because I’m prone to cold fingers. That is why I have already bought gloves, which are said to be ideal for photographers. The Heat Company has already delivered them after 3 days! I ordered the softshell. To make sure my fingers stay warm whileContinue reading “be prepared …”


At this time of the year where many “recharge their batteries” in Greece, I am day-dreaming and enjoying the autumn colours in my own backyard … Listening to music that evokes very different memories than what the lyrics are describing…But for me, Joan’s voice is a switch to go back in time … and becomeContinue reading “melancholy”