Women of the world

My Lady gave me a nice gift.A book.A photo book.A photo book with portraits.An atlas.THE ATLAS OF BEAUTY. women of the world in 500 portraits If a picture tells a thousand words,then a portrait of a woman tells a hundred thousand words … A book with fifty million words ! When reading this book, IContinue reading “Women of the world”

If no one asks, then no one answers That’s how every empire falls …

Caught a train from Alexandria Just a broken man in flight Running scared with his devils Saying prayers all through the night Oh but mercy can’t find him Not in the shadows where he calls Forsaking all his better angels That’s how every empire falls The bells ring out on Sunday morning Like echoes fromContinue reading “If no one asks, then no one answers That’s how every empire falls …”


For almost a year I didn’t add photos to my 500px-profile. I used the site only for inspiration by studying the high quality photos made by good photographers. Yesterday I uploaded a few photos just to let my followers know that I’m still alive … Now I’ll have to wait a few days because IContinue reading “500px”

If you read the newspaper …

If you do not read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you have been misinformed. The successful newspapers and television stations are successful because they tell you and show you what they think you want to read and see. Therefore, here is a list of newspapers and magazines that IContinue reading “If you read the newspaper …”