In the country with a lot of cycling, the Netherlands, a l’eroica has never been organized … Why not? How did that happen ? Isn’t it time to start next year ?

Just seeing these videos already makes me happy … I can’t wait to cycle along with such an event myself …

Only happy faces …

L’EROICA (english version) from Edouard Sepulchre on Vimeo.

L’Eroica Brittania ‘Official’ Film from // Hound Video Marketing // on Vimeo.

Docufilm – L’Eroica | Gaiole 2019 from Aldo Ricci on Vimeo.

L’Eroica 2019 from Joe St Leger on Vimeo.

L’Eroica: Eroica Hispania 2016 from Blanco en Botella on Vimeo.

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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