Our second hand Citroên AX is on the road again ! My daughters went to Leuven with it, to celebrate newyears-eve at some kind of festival.

reading Velovision

I was inspired by this article in Velovision. I am using a camper for vacation for about 15 years now, but this kind of camper is what I feel attracted to.

old records

old records on a new turntable.

back in time

When I saw this video on Youtube, I was back in the sixties for about half an hour. I replayed the video about 5 times.

It was my dog, barking to the postman, that got me into 2006 again.

As a young boy I wasn’t influenced by any drug, but I was just a simple village-boy who thought he understood the lyrics from Lou Reed.

Now that I am old, I wonder why all those guys of my age plan to have “A perfect day” played on funerals…………………. ?      They never understood the lyrics !

commuting with my recumbent

An old photo made with my camera. I am not used to take my camera with me all the time, so when I finally find out how to blog with my cameraphone, there will be more postings.

leaking gasked

I bought an old Citroên AX for my daughters. Unfortunately the cylinderhead gasked was leaking. Therefore I could by the car for a friendly price, but had to renew the gasked and flatten the cylinderhead.

Now the girls are making routine when driving to festivals in Antwerp and Köln. I think it is important to get driving routine after passing the exam.

Hello world!

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