40.000 km.

A young German  guy visited us. He took his bicycle with him. Not the way as Germans usually do,  with their bicycles on the top of a large car,………. No, he did it by actually pedalling !   And not as usual, by crossing the German-Dutch boarder,……….. no he first cycled to China, through Australia andContinue reading “40.000 km.”

A velosopher is coming to Vlissingen!

Daniel N. Lang has cycled about 39.000 kilometers and is now on his way to Vlissingen. He wants to pass 40.000 kilometers before he arrives at home in Germany. You can read and see all his adventures on his blog, see: http://www.bikelust.de/travelogue/ He likes to see my quest, but just this moment mine is forContinue reading “A velosopher is coming to Vlissingen!”

Miguel and Ricardo

Two guys from Spain who are cycling through the Netherlands an Belgium. They surfed our couch on their way from Rotterdam to Bruges and Gent. They didn’t know of the couchsurfing project ! They found us at the warmshowers list, but I think that the CS-project is more intensive spread around the world ……. IContinue reading “Miguel and Ricardo”