I belong to that generation of madmen who have learned not to throw anything away if you still have room to keep it. For the past 30 years, we have kept all our children’s well-preserved toys in boxes and crates. Recently our first grandchild turned 1-year-old and it is time to take the things out of theirContinue reading “grandchild”

be prepared …

… for the coming winter.  In winter I leave many photo opportunities pass because I’m prone to cold fingers. That is why I have already bought gloves, which are said to be ideal for photographers. The Heat Company has already delivered them after 3 days! I ordered the softshell. To make sure my fingers stay warm whileContinue reading “be prepared …”

Tamron AF 70-300

Because it was a showmodel, the price was 109 euros while 139 was the suggested retail price. The lenses are not made of glass and it has no image stabilization …. but that’s why it was affordable for me.     😉 So this means I have to carry my tripod more often …..