Marjan started to make photos of mushrooms …. She uses my small camera now …   a Canon S120   So I’m without that little handy devil from now on … ;-(  Like all women, she is amazing creative with her makeup mirror …   It’s the only way to see the bottom.   She understoodContinue reading “#rednailsandmushrooms”

Marjan is using her camera more and more ….

During our walks on Neeltje Jans, we are becoming increasingly aware of the local nature. Marjan deepens more and more in the identification of mushrooms and uses her camera for documenting.     The following pictures are taken by Marjan (she used a Canon Ixus 130)                  Continue reading “Marjan is using her camera more and more ….”

reproducing the error takes time

It’s easy to reproduce the error, just have to use the camera for some time and it reveals itself automatically !  Canon 70D sucks …… Sometimes it doesn’t recognize the battery, sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all and sometimes it only recommends to clean the lens contacts. I became the World Champion Lens ContactContinue reading “reproducing the error takes time”