a gray windy day …

Today was a gray windy day, but when walking the dog this morning I found a lot of colors that could be caught on photo ….   As always, the most colorful was Marjan …     She’s becoming more and more interested in the mushrooms …     lichen is and will always beContinue reading “a gray windy day …”

misty morning

No blue color in the air     cold and misty       Marjan searching mushrooms   Hitch searching mice     typical scene in Zeeland, this slufter on Neeltje Jans.     frozen dew     It’s a small world today.  People in “de Achterhoek” used to say; “Tis maor een kleine wearldContinue reading “misty morning”

blue hour at the start of the day

#NeeltjeJans                             and slowly blue hour changes into golden hour ….                                                              Continue reading “blue hour at the start of the day”