driving through Dutch rainy skies

These are typical rain showers, especially in the province of Zeeland. You can see them arriving far in advance. As a photographer, I strongly feel a need to capture them with the compact camera that I always have with me.

a walk with my girl and the guys …

ofcourse @NeeltjeJans   the boys could lose their energy with running and playing …     wash and rinse their fur …     people do it differently … and leave bright white marks behind …     my mother invariably put a couple of catkins in a vase ….     birds gather andContinue reading “a walk with my girl and the guys …”

winter !

It’s always hard to make choices in Lightroom …     It’s still wintertime in NW-Europe …   but the seagulls are already coming together to form a colony …   even though it will freeze at night in Zeeland …   but the ovaries are active and the eggs must be fertilized ……  Continue reading “winter !”

The men must prevent an egg from being fertilized by another man at the time of ovulation.

That is the only way to know for sure in a few weeks they do not help feed the offspring of another man …     So if she flies up (because some stupid hobby photographer comes too close), he must immediately follow her …     They then make a lot of noise toContinue reading “The men must prevent an egg from being fertilized by another man at the time of ovulation.”

At least once a week we stumble across the island of Neeltje Jans.

  Not only to walk the dog, but also and above all to enjoy the nature of Zeeland.   I always have my camera with me and Marjan her binoculars.   Mainly migratory birds make good use of the island. Today it was very rainy, windless and cold.