an old-fashioned selfie through the bathroom mirror is about the life of an old married man who was born in 314 ppm CO2 and is still trying to carry out his hobbies, with the adage “I am too old for keeping up appearances”.
As an amateur photographer and blogger, I try to do my best to record the adventures with my sweet wife, loyal dog, cosy camper, wooden Finnhouse and creaking recumbents with my old Canon 5D photo camera. And let’s call it factual photography because I don’t interfere with what happens … I only use my point of view and camera settings.

It is mainly for myself, my family and friends (mostly abroad), but anyone who is interested in me or my blog is welcome.

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Usually heavy work, but in between always time for a chat and a newspaper …

People who perform heavy work know it … you have to know exactly what is your weakest link and ensure that it does not break. So it is important to eat and drink on time and take a pause. Only in this way will you be able to “survive” until your retirement. What we didContinue reading “Usually heavy work, but in between always time for a chat and a newspaper …”

Vlissingen, 1982.

It was 1982 and I lived in the center of Vlissingen. It was cozy, simple and always busy with tourists who came to the coastal town and port city for the many cultural events. Many pubs, restaurants and terraces and along the beach many beach bars … There was a lot of employment, fair earningsContinue reading “Vlissingen, 1982.”


Our German Shepherd likes the snow to clean his coat. Every now and then it is good to take pictures in the snow again. It makes me aware of how easy digital technology has made it. In the old days, it used to require a lot more craftsmanship from the photographers … Stay safe &Continue reading “Snow”

Cycle Vision 2003 Lelystad

Cycle Vision in Lelystad, 2003

Cycle Vision, the annual recumbent bike event organized by the Dutch recumbent association, took place in 2003 in Lelystad. Because of the COVID-19 measures I now started to rummage through my old negatives albums, I came across the photo reports that I made back then. I immediately recognized a few well-known celebrities among Dutch recumbentContinue reading “Cycle Vision in Lelystad, 2003”


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