frontpage is about the life of an old married man who is still trying to carry out his hobbies, with the adage “I am too old for keeping up appearances”.
As an amateur photographer and blogger, I try to do my best to record the adventures with my sweet wife, loyal dog, cosy camper, wooden Finnhouse and creaking recumbents with my old Canon 5D photo camera. And let’s call it factual photography because I don’t interfere with what happens … I only use my point of view and camera settings.

It is mainly for myself, my family and friends (mostly abroad), but anyone who is interested in me or my blog is welcome.

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These days I keep thinking about the lyrics of this song , written by a Nobel-prize winner… timeless. “Don’t forget that you are white” and In the following video, the text is more or less interpreted….

old button badges

These button badges are from the time when all bicycles were still “green”. I found them in an old box stored in the shed … Today, the majority of new bicycles sold are electrically assisted and thus bicycles have become part of environmental pollution. It’s only a matter of time until all bicycles are electrically supported andContinue reading “old button badges”


I belong to that generation of madmen who have learned not to throw anything away if you still have room to keep it. For the past 30 years, we have kept all our children’s well-preserved toys in boxes and crates. Recently our first grandchild turned 1-year-old and it is time to take the things out of theirContinue reading “grandchild”

climate change

Due to the shift in the Western European climate, I assume that I will never be able to skate on natural ice again. That sounds better than citing my age as the cause … The fact is that my skates have hung in the shed unused for 23 years and I need the space for other junk.Continue reading “climate change”


Ellenbrandwijkphotography inspired me with her photos to look a bit more in black and white. So I played with light instead of colors …

the right of the fastest

This book makes you look differently Thalia has already written some important things in an article (in Dutch). For the time being, the book has only been published in Dutch. I strongly recommend this book, also for avid cyclists, because it allows you to think thoroughly about the situation in our living space and toContinue reading “the right of the fastest”

This … is why …

What happened to the American Dream ? The real story of US democracy isn’t the drama. It’s the complete unresponsiveness to it


“City maker” (in Dutch: Stadmaker) is a relatively new word for someone who used to be called an urban planner or architect, but who lacks elite training.A city maker can be anyone who creatively steps off the beaten track, regardless of where that path comes from. In the podcast Lex Bohlmeijer talks to city makerContinue reading ““Stadmaker””


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