an old-fashioned selfie through the bathroom mirror is about the life of an old married man who was born in 314 ppm CO2 and is still trying to carry out his hobbies, with the adage “I am too old for keeping up appearances”.
As an amateur photographer and blogger, I try to do my best to record the adventures with my sweet wife, loyal dog, wooden Finnhouse and creaking recumbents with my old Canon 5D photo camera. And let’s call it factual photography because I don’t interfere with what happens … I only use my point of view and camera settings.

It is mainly for myself, my family and friends (mostly abroad), but anyone who is interested in me or my blog is welcome.

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I mounted my camera on a tripod and waited to see what happened. .

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Last weekend there was a festival at NoordBeveland near Kortgene. It’s the “Endless Island Festival” 2022. We have experienced two days of this fun relaxed celebration. There was a lot of music, food, art, culture and … nice people! I made some photos … have to wait till next year …

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Zephyr and Bob-yak

I gave my Zephyr recumbent some good maintenance and plucked the old Bob-yak from the ceiling of our shed, where it hanged for 20 years. Some black paint, new bearings, grease and a bit oil after a good cleaning was all it took to be ready to roll. It’s funny that Strava asked if I…

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Our roof needs maintenance

Our roof needs maintenance because the PVC foil that has been under the green roof for 24 years has become unreliable. Especially along the exposed edges, the plasticizers have disappeared from the PVC due to the UV light. Now I am replacing it with 1.52 mm thick EPDM foil.It is a lot of work to…

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International Women’s day 2022

For me there’s no escaping it with so many female close relatives… today is International Women’s Day! Listen to Coco ! Every year on March 8, this music is played by my wife….. and this old LP is played …

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A new offspring is born!

She was born at the time of the year 2022 when the blossom in the almond tree is blooming as a sign that spring has begun… 03-03-2022 . Her name is Coco. In a time of viruses, wars, climate disasters and economic crises, her birth is a bright spot in our family. Let the world…

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Headwindcycling, the Dutch Championships 2022

It was pouring rain when I arrived this morning. Within half an hour I was cold and wet to my skin, despite the (not waterproof) rain gear. I’ll show you the photos that I took anyway. Fortunately, my photo equipment withstood the rain well, thanks to the good protection that has been carried along in…

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Dutch Championships Headwindcycling 2022

Tomorrow will be the 2022-edition of the Dutch Championships Headwindcycling! The last edition was in December 2018, which seems a long time ago … I’ll be there … with my camera! A couple of photos I made in 2018, as a reminder … The weather forecast is bad for photographers … lots of rain!

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In the country with a lot of cycling, the Netherlands, a l’eroica has never been organized … Why not? How did that happen ? Isn’t it time to start next year ? Just seeing these videos already makes me happy … I can’t wait to cycle along with such an event myself … Only happy…

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