frontpage is about the life of an old married man who is still trying to carry out his hobbies, with the adage “I am too old for keeping up appearances”.
As an amateur photographer and blogger, I try to do my best to record the adventures with my sweet wife, loyal dog, cozy camper, wooden Finnhouse and creaking recumbents with my old Canon 5D photo camera. And lets call it factual photography, because I don’t interfere with what happens … I only use my point of view and the camera settings.

It is mainly for myself and my family (mostly abroad), but anyone who is interested in me or my blog is welcome.

My latest blogposts …


“City maker” (in Dutch: Stadmaker) is a relatively new word for someone who used to be called an urban planner or architect, but who lacks elite training.A city maker can be anyone who creatively steps off the beaten track, regardless of where that path comes from. In the podcast Lex Bohlmeijer talks to city makerContinue reading ““Stadmaker””


Yesterday I had a nice ride in my velomobile. It was not about speed, but about looking at the Zeeland landscape with the eyes of an “actual” photographer. Many horizontal lines in which vertical lines immediately attract attention.The so-called “fertile soil” in Zeeland needs a lot of “fertilizer” and despite the many salty water thatContinue reading “Zeeland”

It is done!

My work at Petrogas is over … The project has been successfully completed. Fortunately, everything has been carried out without major accidents … Of course, much remains to be cleaned up and residual material to be removed, but our task to process all free phosphorus into phosphoric acid has been completed. Because of the COVID-19Continue reading “It is done!”


Full of melancholy I cycled home yesterday after the last night shift … it could be the last … The “phosphoric acid plant” is now blowing the last vapor from its chimney … maybe a few more days … then the factory will die. What a differance compared to the situation on Juli 2010 …Continue reading “melancholy”


It isn’t blues, it isn’t jazz, it isn’t hiphop, …. it is Rory ! Music from my youth

Saint George

Saint George is a patron saint of scouting. Back in the days when I was still active in the Boy Scouts, we organized a cozy campfire every year where the story of Saint George and the dragon was told and portrayed. This year this turned out not to be possible due to the COVID-19 crisis.Continue reading “Saint George”

commuting with Quest 552

My colleagues Harm and Bram saw me arriving at work in my velomobile and made a video with their mobile phone. Nicely done guys! If I’d known they were recording … I would’ve gone much faster 😉

Planet of the Humans

This urgent, must-see movie, a full-frontal assault on our sacred cows, is guaranteed to generate anger, debate, and, hopefully, a willingness to see our survival in a new way—before it’s too late.

Once a week …

Once a week I try to take a nice walk on the former work island Neeltje Jans. That’s what I promised my dog … and a dogowner has to keep his word.

Spring !

Due to the corona crisis, among other things, I had not seen my grandchild Hera for a long time … but this afternoon after a nice walk on Neeltje Jans, it was safe to keep our corona-distance in the garden with a warm sun …


I am always amazed by the beautiful colors that can be seen during northern wind over the Oosterschelde.


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