an old-fashioned selfie through the bathroom mirror is about the life of an old married man who is still trying to carry out his hobbies, with the adage “I am too old for keeping up appearances”.
As an amateur photographer and blogger, I try to do my best to record the adventures with my sweet wife, loyal dog, cosy camper, wooden Finnhouse and creaking recumbents with my old Canon 5D photo camera. And let’s call it factual photography because I don’t interfere with what happens … I only use my point of view and camera settings.

It is mainly for myself, my family and friends (mostly abroad), but anyone who is interested in me or my blog is welcome.

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My last 10 blog posts …

Normandy, France.

We went travelling for a few days with our old camper. After months of unemployment in our small family bubble in a world with COVID-19 and many sterile job applications, the need to see a different environment was great. The general advice is to avoid crowds and therefore Normandy seemed a suitable target. . TheContinue reading “Normandy, France.”

as it should

For the first time, I see how it should be done. I have been annoyed for years by the way people deal with the removal of obsolete buildings. But now something is being broken down the way it should. This building has been used by Pouwelse Tuinen for years. Now it has to make way for the construction of new houses. Because years ago it was decided to buildContinue reading “as it should”


They are well cared for by their parents, these young turtledoves in our backyard. It’s fun to take pictures of them.

classic fallacy

Last night I suddenly woke up to realize that I was making a classic fallacy in my so-called selfie through the bathroom mirror. It is not a selfie, but a registration of the image as I am used to seeing myself. For the rest of the world, it is a mirror image … To make a selfie of that mirror image, I have to mirror theContinue reading “classic fallacy”

Cycling in Vlissingen-Oost

Today I cycled a bit through the industrial area of Vlissingen. A lot has changed. And before new installations can be built, the old one must first be safely demolished. EPZ’s coal-fired power plant has been out of operation for years and its chimney is now being demolished. Of all Thermphos buildings, only the skeletonContinue reading “Cycling in Vlissingen-Oost”


Dragonfly was once the name of a band in Vlissingen. I thought of Rudy de Queljoe when I photographed this dragonfly in our garden. Canon 100-400 mm handheld funny, that seeing a small insect takes you so far back in your thoughts.


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