Vlissingen, 1984.

In 1984, the year in which George Orwell foresaw a totally different world, the Vereniging Nederlandse Loodsen Sociëteit existed for 100 years and that fact was celebrated exuberantly with all kinds of festivities.

At the moment I am digitizing my old negatives from that year 1984, because our society has now come to resemble the envisioned world of Orwell due to the COVID-19 measures. And then a job that does not require you to go out into the street, is convenient.

The famous Scheldeloodsen choir was conspicuously present at many festivities with their shanties, but also with beautiful costumes! The photos below explain what life was like in 1884

The photos below show how in 1884 the people who worked for the pilots always had to be stand-bye in the casemates to take a pilot with a sloop to a sailing ship.

All handpowered !

Like all port cities, Vlissingen is a city where many initiatives are taken by people who have settled in the city in connection with their work. Vlissingers are connected to the water and everything that has to do with it.

Many new residents remain through their work, but the students also remain loyal to the region after their education (like I did 45 years ago 😉 )

As a hobby photographer it is always nice to see how other photographers take their photos. So the following happened right in front of me, while I had just screwed my telephoto lens onto my camera … then you have to be quick 😉

and than you have the professionals

The professional

Right behind the YE 36 on the horizon you can see Hoechst … The phosphorus factory that helped my wife to keep me in Vlissingen for all those years ….

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