unmistakably Vlissingen

It was the fall of 1984. Our oldest daughter had just been born. If you live here and take a walk together, then the Vlissingen area is undeniably present in your photos … When I look back at the photos I took myself in the past, my thoughts wander back to the time of fallingContinue reading “unmistakably Vlissingen”

Vlissingen, 1984.

In 1984, the year in which George Orwell foresaw a totally different world, the Vereniging Nederlandse Loodsen Sociëteit existed for 100 years and that fact was celebrated exuberantly with all kinds of festivities. At the moment I am digitizing my old negatives from that year 1984, because our society has now come to resemble theContinue reading “Vlissingen, 1984.”

Looking at Vlissingen through a window.

In recent years, downtown Flushing really changed … In the period after the industrial boom of the shipyard “de Schelde”, Vlissingen was a vibrant city. All cultural expressions were present. From lovers of classical music lovers to Rock & Roll to Disco to Soul to Folk to Hiphop to Trance …. even Blöf was tolerated. TheContinue reading “Looking at Vlissingen through a window.”