Looking at Vlissingen through a window.

In recent years, downtown Flushing really changed …

In the period after the industrial boom of the shipyard “de Schelde”, Vlissingen was a vibrant city.

All cultural expressions were present.

From lovers of classical music lovers to Rock & Roll to Disco to Soul to Folk to Hiphop to Trance …. even Blöf was tolerated.

The city was cozy. There was always something to do, to see, to hear, to experience …

It was cheap, cozy, warm and there was no useless appearance of wealth.

Only the Boulevard was different, richer and posh,

but the inner city was like this window……



The politicians in Vlissingen felt experienced entrepreneurs and started up large projects as amateurs …

“Experts” and “consultants” determined how it should be done …

The city turned into a construction site and everything became more expensive.

The cosiness disappeared and the atmosphere became colder …

In that time the same window changed …



These days the city is bankrupt

The housing is expensive and there are cutbacks everywhere.

The fun is gone to the nearby city, Middelburg.

Vlissingen’s popular sociability is nearly dying and being replaced by subsidized imports.

“Food-Festivals”, “Film-by-the-Sea”, etc, etc.

The window looked neat today ….

We will have to pay for it for years to come.

… but I liked it better the way it was …

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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