Yesterday I had a nice ride in my velomobile. It was not about speed, but about looking at the Zeeland landscape with the eyes of an “actual” photographer. Many horizontal lines in which vertical lines immediately attract attention.The so-called “fertile soil” in Zeeland needs a lot of “fertilizer” and despite the many salty water thatContinue reading “Zeeland”


Full of melancholy I cycled home yesterday after the last night shift … it could be the last … The “phosphoric acid plant” is now blowing the last vapor from its chimney … maybe a few more days … then the factory will die. What a differance compared to the situation on Juli 2010 …Continue reading “melancholy”

Hendrik Willem van Loon Hardzeildag 2019

I went to Veere to have a look … and had my camera with me … it was raining first, but soon the sky cleared and the sun started to give a magnificent light … there were a few moments when there was a reasonable wind over the Veerse Meer, in these circumstances the oldContinue reading “Hendrik Willem van Loon Hardzeildag 2019”