Fluid dynamics

If you live in Zeeland, people often look at the shape of a velomobile with the eyes of a sailor.

But the fluid dynamics for water is fundamentally different from that for air.

The shape of a velomobile suggests that it has a high speed … and I think that is the big disadvantage of these bikes !

I’ve been riding a Quest for many years and I find it very annoying when the first question people ask me is “how fast is that thing going?”
The question is posed from the paradigm that those people have.
Then I tend to look at their shoes and ask the question back; “How fast are those shoes running?”

And then, if the situation permits, I try to explain that I am an old lazy man who finds it important to be able to ride a bike comfortably. Protected against rain, storm and bright sun rays, in short, against all bad weather conditions, while listening to a nice podcast or good music.

Traveling under my own power, with food, drinks and sweets at your fingertips, the Garmin with a planned route on the handlebars and if I want to take a break, I just stop in a safe place and rest in the same posture as I do at home on the couch …

Despite the cocoon that protects me reasonably against the weather and possibly pushy drivers, I feel free to move in the natural environment.
So it’s not the speed … but the comfortably cycling (with a smile on your face) is the goal!

Therefore, I regret that the majority of velomobilists just do their best to race as fast as possible and forget to realize how comfortable cycling with a velomobile is, compared to a time trial bike as prescribed by the UCI.

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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