Cycle Vision in Lelystad, 2003

Cycle Vision, the annual recumbent bike event organized by the Dutch recumbent association, took place in 2003 in Lelystad.

Because of the COVID-19 measures I now started to rummage through my old negatives albums, I came across the photo reports that I made back then.

I immediately recognized a few well-known celebrities among Dutch recumbent cyclists!

The first photos were taken during the 3-hour race

The 3-hour race started with a classic “Le Mans start”! So the participants who drove with a fairing started with about 3 laps behind before they were well on their way … but after that they had just under 3 hours to go with nothing but advantages

At the time I was experimenting with Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5 black / white film and with different exposures and development times … The aim was to use faster shutter speeds and the result turned out to be a much coarser grain. Nowadays, the cheaper scanners don’t really handle the beautiful sharp silver grains that the Tri-X has become so famous for.

Cycle Vision is known worldwide among recumbent cyclists.
Many come from all over Europe with tents and campers to be present and it was always full and pleasant at the campsite Het Oppertje in Lelystad.

and the last series of photos were made during the criterium-races.

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