Cycle Vision in Lelystad, 2003

Cycle Vision, the annual recumbent bike event organized by the Dutch recumbent association, took place in 2003 in Lelystad. Because of the COVID-19 measures I now started to rummage through my old negatives albums, I came across the photo reports that I made back then. I immediately recognized a few well-known celebrities among Dutch recumbentContinue reading “Cycle Vision in Lelystad, 2003”

These are the last photos of Cycle Vision 2016.

nightmare for every velomobilist …   showing that the rider is experienced …   polish reduces air resistance …   Quattrovelo           Q1 is the second quest …. and still in full use!               These guys think different about the placement of their clipless pedals …Continue reading “These are the last photos of Cycle Vision 2016.”

Cycle Vision

It’s cycling, but not as you know it.   happy faces on recumbents     in front of the bunch     keep going easy in front of the bunch ….     they say that stayering is not helping for recumbents …     Respect for Stephen Slade !   Recharching with a banana ….