new saddle

I needed a new saddle for my Bullitt. The old one was made of plastic and because of the cracks in the deck I often got a wet butt from the rainwater that remained in the plastic foam for days on end.

On the old Batavus I still have an old “Lepper” saddle that suits me well. I know a leather saddle is best. This saddle is great for the Batavus because the relaxed posture gets good support while cycling. I can therefore keep cycling for a long time.

I used to ride a “Brooks” saddle for years. I also know from experience that you have to “ride in” a leather saddle. Only after a few hundred kilometers of intensive use in all kinds of weather does a leather saddle sit on your body. The first months it is therefore lousy. After that, you will be the first to transfer the saddle when you buy a new bike …

A different model of saddle is needed for the Bullitt, because the cycling posture is completely different. The sportier posture and the aging body require different support. Because I am used to the luxury and comfort of a velomobile, I have therefore decided not to make any concessions.

So it became a Brooks with “holes and tension wires”.

So today I started greasing the new leather. Much at the bottom and very little on top. This will last for years and years …

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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