busy to get used to getting older

Life in these turbulent times with climate change, political chaos (the Netherlands), the growing wealth gap, COVID-19 deniers, digital money, energy transition, resurgent populism, reduced reading skills among young people, neoliberal economy, etc. did not get any easier for guys like me who grew up in the turbulent sixties and seventies.

So even though I no longer have an employer, I still need a vacation. Not to escape from that non-existent employer, … but from all those other things from which no one can escape.

And then luckily there is my camera, my dog, my garden, my velomobile and my family!

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

One thought on “busy to get used to getting older

  1. Very Nice! [as always].

    P.S.: “And then luckily there is my camera, etc…………” Had to smile after reading the sequence. But than knowing you, I soon realised it is a random sequence valid only on the day in question….. 😉

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