I just got these homologations (200 and 300 km’s) by “slow-mail” yesterday.

The guys from AUDAX expect you to do the brevet on your bicycle in the shortest possible time, but then it takes them almost 2 years to send the homologation ! I like the French, nobody gets them speedy exept when they’re on a bicycle.

Last year I decided not to ride any brevet, but to go out alone on my recumbent and do my own distance. Sometimes it turned out to be 200 km’s, but I also enjoyed the rides up to 120 kilometers. I don’t feel any need to prove by any homologation and I certainly don’t miss any medaille.

I have deep respect for the bicyclist who do the whole series of “brevettes” though !  Especially the cyclists who do Paris-Brest-Paris within 90 hours on their own. I never done it and I won’t do it in the future, because I hate the official fuzz around it.

I will use my GPS and show the track on this blog, that must be enough proof. And for the daily training my commute must be allright I think. Only when the weather is too bad (today there are storms up to 110 km/h), I’ll go by car.

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