jes cookingWhile I just sit at the table in our kitchen (doing nothing really, just playing with this blog), my daughter is busy cooking a fine dinner for us.

At the moment there is very bad weather in the Netherlands; storms up to 110 km/h.

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  1. Hey, what was she cooking? I’ve been cooking w/father this evening (Jan 13th), too. The weather has gotten much better here (southern Germany), so I took off for a recumbent ride this night – ’bout 25km, really chilly ride. I’ve even seen the stars 🙂
    And btw: it’s abnormally warm here – maybe we should send some of the warmth to Rob over in Turkey? 🙂
    BTW: Is your daugther a recumbent cyclist, too? She might be my age 🙂


  2. BTW2: I’ve been with my sister – she just got the latest Carbusters Magazine #29 (the subscription was a present of mine to her 18th birthday last year – I predict that she won’t be driving a car for very long, but it was impossible for me to stop her from getting her drivers license. The forces on the “dark side” had been to strong (father in the car manufacturing industry, friends all havin’ drivers license)). Think I’ll dive into it a little bit before going 2 bed.


  3. My two daughters don’t ride on a recumbent, but they use their “normal ” upright bike as they commute. They also both got their drivers-license about a year ago, but mostly use it for going to music festivals in Köln Antwerp etc.
    They are 19 and 22. I think that the oil-price will rise very high within 10 years, so that you don’t have to worry about the dark forces. 😉
    Today the weather looks like a fine day in April ! I’ll go commute on my recumbent !


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