an inconvenient truth

I didn’t see the movie “An inconvenient thuth” in the cinema, but now you can see it on google video. It certainly is an inconvenient truth, but remember; Al Gore is an American too !

I think it will give a lot of trouble in my own neighbourhood when sea-level rises. My house is build 1 meter above sea level ! Making our dykes higher will be highly expensive but not sufficient enough. I expect that our politicians will choose to do so anyway, only to please us for elections. National borders will give problems when natural borders, like our coastline are moving. The population in the Netherlands will have to do with half of the country’s area. And I can assure you; the Dutch will do anything to find a simple and cheap solution. It’s about time we start brainstorming about idea’s.

Emigrate to Suriname ? In some way’s it is a part of the Netherlands, but will it be safer there for the climate change ?

Anyway, you van see the video here ; it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes of your time, so make a nice cup of coffee first !

RECTIFICATION (28 Febr 2007) : We can’t see the video on Google anymore. I think they deleted it, because of the authorizing laws. So now we have to pay for the truth of Al Gore. And the truth is that we have to pay mr. Gore for his presentation because he uses about 50 times as much energy as the average American citizen. The same presentation however is in my blogroll, see William H. Calvin.

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