cycling scores (fietsen scoort)

Today I went to work on my recumbent and registered it on a special website; “Fietsen scoort“. Last year I cycled 3200 km on my commute. This month only 200 kilometers, but the year has only just begun.

The website is only in Dutch. But maybe it is good for others on this globe to copy the idea !   Every employer’s association can subscribe. When his employee also subscribes and keeps up to date the kilometers they commute to work on their bicycle, the website calculates the saved petrol, CO2-emission, etc,etc. As a bonus the employer’s association will pay one Eurocent for every kilometer that is registered by his employees. That money will be spent for some nice development projects, like for instance i-ce .

When I look at my “personal page” on the website I see this (translated in english):

My score 2007   2006  
   commuting kilometers 200 km   3.200 km  
   Recreative and other kilometers 0 km   0 km  
   Total 200 km   3.200 km  
   prevented CO2-emission commuting traffic 40,0 kg   640,0 kg  
   prevented CO2-emission Recreative en other traffic 0,0 kg   0,0 kg  
   prevented CO2-emission total 40,0 kg   640,0 kg  
   number of trees for CO2 compensation total 2,00   32,00  
   Reduction Ecological footprint 200 m²   3200 m²  
   used calories (per kilometer) kcal     
   used calorieën (per day commute) 1.500 kcal     
   Do you reach the Dutch goals for body-exercising? no yes 
   Reductions of risk for cardiovascular diseases could be better yes  
   saved fuel commuting kilometers 16,00 liter   256,00 liter  
   saved car-expenses € 60,00   € 960,00  
Profit points
   Sponsor proceeds € 2,00   € 32,00  
   Price points 2,00    

I hope that the idea is clear and I feel substitute-shame that those Dutch “environment-minded” guys  don’t have an english version of the site.

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  1. Wim, I am totally impressed with your cycling! Our environment thanks you very much.
    What fun it is to read about your day to day life in the Netherlands as I shiver in the cold here in Minnesota!


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