Saturday March 31- 2007 we had a ride on our bicycles around the “Oosterschelde” in the Netherlands. It was a bright sunny and windy day. We met at Simon’s house in Heinkenszand. He planned a route of about 90 kilometers long. After the ride Simon stood us a Heineken in Heinekenszand 😉 When I got home in Vlissingen again, I listed 140 km. on my GPS.

It was a pity that Harold couldn’t take part of the ride; he had to save his soccer-team from devaluation in a game that was planned at the very same time. Luckily they succeeded by winning the game ! Be with us the next ride, Harold 😉 In particular Andries missed you a lot !

I made a video of the ride which gives a nice impression of the NE-wind we had to overcome.

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  1. Nice video, really. I’ve been experimenting with filming and different techniques this week, too. Your video has inspired me to upload mine, but not on YouTube. I’ve taken it in the highest quality my camera can (640×480). You can watch it under (hope my service provider won’t make trouble because I’ve overused my webspace 🙂 – as I said it’s mainly experimental. I’ve also been filming my dog who is on vacation with me for two weeks now.


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