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While having a flu, I stayed in my bed  for a good sweat and a lot of coughing. Between those bed-scenes, I read some other blogs on the Internet. I found one which is called : bikes? rubbish! It is actually a bicycle-blog with very high quality-photos. I am glad to see that there are people like Derek and Sara living in the USA. Gives me hope for the future.

Watch this video and see the story of a few cyclists who want to make this world a little better.

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One thought on “Xtra cycle

  1. http://www.adserballe.com/tibet2006.htm – he attempted to cross Chang Tang with such a bike. And I think I’ve seen a video of some guys crossing america (south and north, IIRC) on such bikes. They’ve had a cool video but actually they’ve had a name that I don’t remember at all 😦
    regarding the culture in the usa: there’s a cool podcast: bikescape.blogspot.com – they’ve had a beautiful show on “songs in the key of bike” that I can highly recommend:
    I think I’ll write a posting to the de-hpv mailinglist about an idea I got: why not combine this long-bike thing with recumbents? I hope they’ll be more intrigued by that idea than by my last one (freeing cycling books on books.google.com – not a single reply) 🙂


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