light emitting system for creating your own bikelane in the dark.

Take a look here and read all about the idea to create your own kind of “bicycle lane” by using a LED system. Thanks to guys like Byron Loibl our bikes get more and more safer and convenient for use at night.

Maybe it is possible to adjust the light and change it in some kind of arrow so one can use it as indicator when turning right or left ? Would it be useble for a velomobile ?

I know it’s not allowed to use this sort of lightning system in the Netherlands , but I think that cardrivers will understand that it is just meant to help them avoid collisions. Cardrivers never complain that they can’t see the painted signs on the roadsurface, but always have trouble noticing a recumbent. Well, when they see a red stripe on the road………………… Maybe it will help.

I thank Dirt Rag Magazine Blog for the tip.