a new bicycle

Marjan needs a new bicycle, so we are orientating for the possibilities and models. New techniques and methods nowaday’s in the bicycle-shops ! The “Fietsenmakker ” is our nearest bicycle- shop and is the best in our town, so we were looking around there.

Didn’t make a choice yet, so still thinking and searching………

The shopkeeper is David and his german shepard dog is always at his side. David showed us how in these modern times a bicycle repair man is able to find out which model and size is most suitable for Marjan in just a few minutes. I was disappointed that the program didn’t know of the existence of recumbents. Apparently just diamond frames are to be sold……….

In the shop there was a second-hand Riese und Müller Culture bicycle for sale. Maybe that is the best mixture between recumbent and diamond frame ?

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