speed humps (or “sleeping policeman”)

I was present at Cycle Vision last weekend. Camping, chatting and shooting a lot of photos and videos.  I will show you some images soon …….

I went to Cycle Vision by velomobile, so I had to go via the LF1 (  a long distance bicycle path alonside the North Sea ) from Vlissingen to Zandvoort to get in Sloten (Near Amsterdam) where the Cycle Vision was organised.

1 kilometer north of Scheveningen in the LF 1 (North Sea bicycle Route) I passed this speed hump. There are two of them, without any space between. I had to drop my speed from 30 to 10 km/h, and even then the front bottom of my velomobile hit the top of the second speed hump ………….

This speed hump will break a lot of bicycle frames ………. It almost broke my velomobile ! (@#$%^&*)

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