Departure on Schiphol (Amsterdam)

My two daughters left for a trip through Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Jes will be back around “Queens-Day” and Rea will return in October 2009.

So now my “Better Half” and I will have to get used to the fact that there is just the two of us in da house …………                                ( I almost forgot Mo, our dog).

You can read all their adventures on Rea’s blog. see
Everything was organised by “Australian Backpackers“, they have the largest organisation in that kind of stuff you can find in the Netherlands.
They have used the “Cathay Pacific” , the last in the row of airplanes.
Rogier,  Jes’s boyfriend had his birthday on the last day before she left home for about six months …….. ……………………

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  1. Wim and Marjan, I have been so obsessed with the elections here in America I have neglected visiting your blog. So I really enjoyed reading about Jes and Rhea’s big adventure, I intend to read their blog also. I do wish I was there with them all, meeting Denny and family and feeling the heat! Cold, cold, cold here But we are still high from the Obama victory! Hope for the USA again.
    Much love!


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