I ordered a pair of Sealskinz to test them when using my Shimano sandals.

sealskinz, originally uploaded by wim harwig.

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  1. Hi
    How are you getting on with these?
    I use them but am finding my sandals too cold for this winter even with two pair of socks :0)


  2. I’ve tested them in the cold. I’ve used them inside the Quest, so there is no wind that plays a role (just freezing cold).
    I had just one pair of thick woolen socks underneath and a pair of isolating overshoes.
    The Sealskinz are just waterproof and breathable, not isolating.
    I think that especial the overshoes did the right job. The Sealskinz are just meant to keep your feet dry when walking in wet grass for instance; not to keep your feet warm ……


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