ies kan liehn

Yesterday I was at the “oliebollen”-tour. About 92 velomobiles together !

The day before I travelled by train to in Dronten. Ymte and Allert are wizards when it comes to repairing damaged Quests 😉  I was lucky that Ymte offered to host me for the night. I slept on the attic, underneath all the third-, second- and first prices that Ymte had won during his long recumbent-carreer ……….

At 08.30 hour sharp on Sunday we left Dronten to cycle to Almere. Ymte with his two sons in the trailer behind his quest and his daughter inside the velomobile, on his belly. It was freezing, about -2 degrees Celcius.

It is always nice to be amongst all the other crazy individualists in their velomobiles. Some of us are trying to describe the velomobile-phenomenon as a group-thing (for the media), but I think the velomobile-riders will always excist of very liberal stubborn individualists, who don’t like to be seen as a member of any group. Therefore most of the standard-velomobiles are modified with stickers, paint, accesoires, etc; just to be recognised as a rarity.
I had to cycle home afterwards. I did about 305 kilometers from Dronten to Vlissingen. It was freezing cold ……….
The journey was about 50 km. too long. When I arrived at home, I had trouble getting out of my Quest 😉  After a long night of sleep, I’m feeling OK and satisfied. But I think that a velomobile is meant to ride long distances by pedalling. Not for transporting by a car like these photos show.

The last 2 hours I was singing on and on the next song during my ride through a cold dark Zeeland.
photos and video of the tour will follow soon.

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