40 years old posters

A boys’room that has been unchanged for the last 40 years. The posters reminded me of the “good ol’days” when the US-troopers were bombing the innocent Vietnamese, the Stones were still Rolling, Ajax was a serious soccer team and students knew the philosophy of Karl Marx.

The days I thought that I would never get “too old to die young”.

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  1. Those posters bring back memories.

    I was born in Washington DC and as a Teenager attended all of the massive antiwar demonstrations. I with thousands of other Americans were tear gassed and chased by club swinging police in riot gear. I had the english version of stop the bombing of Viet Nam. I had another that showed a picture of Nixon, asking, “Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?”

    I was a Conscientious Objector with the draft and would have been trained as a Medic if drafted. Fortunately I had a high number in the draft lottery and did not go.


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