4 thoughts on “Roads today are safer

  1. Safer? They’re not safer. The knuckleheads driving are just more armor plated, needing even less training in how to operate these machines in a safe manner with regards to other road users.

  2. I remember reading an article in Harvard Magazine about a fellow that was seriously injured in a road crash down in the Caribbean. Fortunately they were well to do and once stabilized the wife had him flown to Florida.
    He survived but subsequently researched the article.
    In 2002 more people died in vehicular road crashes that war and AIDs combined world wide. He said that it was like nine fully loaded 747 Jumbo Jets crashing everyday, 365 days a year with no survivors. The overwhelming number of those killed were those most vulnerable, pedestrians and cyclists. in third world countries. In many countries busses are referred to as rolling coffins or rolling morgues. The article was in 2003 and said that those numbers would be growing exponentially.

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