This death notice says it all. It stuck my heart. A father is not supposed to bury his son …….

Bob somehow always was there, when my daughters had a meeting with their friends. In the background; but always present. His suicide hurts me deep, because I thought to recognize the same sort of loner as I myself was at his age.

After the funeral, all his friends came together and drank a few beers at the Boulevard in Vlissingen. I had a feeling he was there too; somewhere quiet in the background …… in a G-star T shirt…… not a glass but a bottle of beer ….. smiling broadly …..

a short video impression …

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  1. This is so very sad. The despair one must feel to end ones life. The inability to reach out to another asking for help. I have the need to wake my children in these early morning hours and to hold them in my arms.


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