vacation in Catalonia, Spain

So we made a trip with our 21 year old camper in the Catalonian Pyrenees in Spain.

On the day of departure the brakes didn’t work properly, so we had to fix that first. Then the camper tested our patience by cooking all the water out of the cooling system in the climb to the Bielsa-tunnel in the Pyrenees. Luckily no serious harm was done to the engine; the fan was loose on the axle and stopped rotating at higher revolutions. I just had to lock the fan properly, fill the cooling system again with water ( 6 liters !) and restart the engine .  The good old Mercedes 2.3 diesel proved its quality again 😉

In the first video you can see the three days it took to get to Bielsa in Spain. The first night in Spain we slept in Valle de Pineta. (N42 38 30.8 E0 10 09.4)

The second video shows our visit to the old town of Ainsa, where I ate the largest T-bone steak I ever had before …..

The third video shows the reservoir “Embalse de Barasona” (N42 09 17.2 E0 20 17.2) where we slept four nights, because of the tranquility. On the second day Harm and Els ( two Dutch artists who live in Spain) visited the spot to make some Art (and just have fun).

In part 4 you’ll see our visit to Huesca, the many storks on the churches along the way and our sleeping place at Escornalbou (N41 07 41.7 E0 55 01.8)

In part 5 you’ll get some impression of our visit to St. Miquel del Fai.

Part 6 starts with our sleeping place at Pantâ de Sau, then at Riu Ter (N42 14 498  E 2 18 526), and our visit to the town of Ripoll.

In the last video you’ll see our camping place at Riu de Josa (N 42 15 05.8 E 1 36 43.9)

The skull we found is now on our house as a souvenir from Riu de Josa 😉

A Dutchman in Spain doesn’t use sun creme and bears the consequences without complaining ….

Glad we’re home again !

BTW; we used number 28 of the WOMO-books (NE Spain) to find some hints and tips. Without this book we would have missed some great places to stay for the night ! We didn’t use any official camping at all and that’s were campers are meant for …

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  1. We hebben genoten van jullie videoverslag. Wat een prachtig stuk van de wereld. En wat een rust. Kon je goed met je Spaans terecht in Catalonie Marjan? Groen staat je ook goed! En veel stenen meegebracht? Tot ziens!
    Wim en Hetty


    1. Een paar maanden geleden zijn jullie door dezelfde streek gereden (maar dan langs de kust). We hebben maar weinig meegenomen (hebben stenen genoeg in de tuin), alleen de schedel hangt nu als souvenier aan ons huis.


  2. Ja we hebben de Pyreneeën toen gezien met de besneeuwde toppen, maar dat nodigde ons in de winter niet uit. Maar na deze video’s krijgen we zin om in voor – of najaar eens te gaan. Maar dit najaar wordt het eerst Schotland… Ook mooi!


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