When a dog licks his nose …

… he is feeling uncomfortable! It is a clear sign for other dogs, but we humans don’t seem to understand it. We probably think that dogs are using their tongue as a handkerchief ….

And when “strangers” are coming too close, any dog will react like we would when a complete stranger is trying to give us a “French kiss” …

Dogs are as dangourous as the bread-knife in our kitchen cabinet. Unfortunately some people never learn and have to be protected from dogs.

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  1. Dogs are very fun and faithful companions who deserve to be treated right. This means that you have to learn their language.

    Never, ever try to kiss a dog like the lady in the first movie. The moment you approach the dog with touted lips the dog things you are busy with an attack, and can respond likewise.

    When we got our dog we went to a dog trainer with the kids. He thought them dog language, with a dummy dog. The kids now know what dogs are telling them. This proved to be invaluable, also when they approach other dogs. It is surprising how many dog owners don’t know dog language. Dogs are social animals and tell you a lot with their body language.

    When a dog is yawning, licking his nose or sneezing is telling you that he doesn’t like what you are doing. It is a meant as a warning. Stop what you are doing. This is also the moment when you as dog owner should intervene. Unfortunately this didn’t happen in both occasions.

    They also learned that when they want to pet a dog, they have to ask the dog first. Present the dog with your hand in front of his nose. When he touches your hand with his nose he is saying, yes, alright, you can pet me. If not, bummer, even when the owner tells them it is fine.

    And for crying out loud, don’t pet a dog on the back of his head or in is neck, especially kids should never do this. This is the place where dogs tell each other they are the boss. In the dog’s worldview kids below 9 are in a lower rank as he is.


  2. I see a resemblance whit some humans . In comparrison to dogs, people can communicate verbally, some of them poorly. But they also speak whit us non-verbally just like dogs. I don t want to implicate that some of them are dogs. However instead of biting they always bark (verbally). In dutch we have saying barking dogs will not bite. I once had a colleague who barked a lot, but never has bitten a person or dog.
    I always was interested wheter this saying is true or false. I am not looking for answers concerning people, but i wonder do barking dogs bite ?


    1. Barking dogs nor humans do not bite. It’s when they are becoming quiet after a lot of warnings and start to focus on one or another problem, or human, or dog … then they become unexpected dangerous.
      You should know Thijs, you’ve got that kind of character 😉


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